Explore a career at Fitch Ratings and you’ll join a collaborative network of curious minds. Here, our differences are our strengths - in life as well as our work. Together we work with integrity and objectivity to provide clarity to the world’s financial markets. 

Our people are at the heart of what makes us different. At Fitch Ratings, we pride ourselves on our ability to harness the ideas, expertise, and professionalism of our global workforce, which is integral to our continued success. The accessibility and depth of experience of our industry leading analysts, combined with our broad sector credentials, allow us to help market participants make important credit decisions with confidence.

We are Fitch Ratings

We are an award-winning provider of credit ratings, commentary and research. We are dedicated to providing value beyond the rating through independent and prospective credit opinions. We offer global perspectives shaped by strong local market experience and credit market expertise. The additional context, perspective and insights we provide have helped fund a century of growth and enables our clients to make important credit judgement with confidence.

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Nearly 21,000 rated entities

100+ years of experience, 38 global offices and 2000+ colleagues

We are Constantly Evolving and so are our Colleagues

Our business is constantly transforming as we grow and increase our presence in the market. This keeps it interesting – every day is different.

With a career at Fitch Ratings, you can expect your learning and development to continually adapt, anticipate and align with the needs of the market too. Wherever you are in your career journey, we offer relevant and challenging learning and development programs to help you exceed all expectations and achieve your career objectives.

Fitch Credit Academy

Fitch Credit Academy is a robust in-house training and certification program designed to expand knowledge, strengthen analytical skills and recognize professional development for Fitch analysts at every stage of their career.

Fitch Management Academy

Learning doesn’t stop with technical achievement at Fitch Ratings. What differentiates us is the quality of our people. Great people are inspired by, and aspire to be, great leaders. Fitch Management Academy is a high impact management and leadership development program for our senior talent to ensure that learning continues at every level.

  • "What I love about my role is that I am still constantly learning new things. Credit markets in the Greater China region are relatively young, therefore we have ample opportunities to meet with senior executives in different companies in different sectors, which translates into amazing learning experiences. 

    However, what I enjoy most about working at Fitch is how open minded and team oriented my colleagues are; everyone contributes, everyone helps each other, and everyone is encouraged to express their own opinions."

    Laura Zhai - Senior Director, Asia Pacific Corporates – Fitch Ratings

  • "During my time at Fitch, I have learned the ins and outs of operations and continue to do so each day. When I first joined I was a part of small operations team but over the past two years we have grown substantially.

    One of the biggest thrills of my life has been being able to move to Singapore for six months to train our new associates. Working here has exposed me to experiences and cultures that I may not have encountered otherwise."

    Michael Rak - Senior Operations Associate, Fitch Ratings

  • "At Fitch, I learn something new every day. One moment I’m interacting with the Corporate and Infrastructure finance teams to understand the repercussions of banks exiting certain sectors, while the next moment I’m speaking to the Economics team to collaborate on an article on U.S. Federal Reserve strategy."

    Monsur Hussain - Head of FI Research, Fitch Ratings